Advantage Support Service Plan

Advantage Support Service Plan

Rudolph Technology & Associates (RTA) Advantage Support – Your Virtual Administrator.  What is Advantage Support and Why would you pick this plan?


Do you have enough time and resources to properly monitor and maintain your systems to prevent downtime, protection against spyware and maintain software updates?
Let our Advantage Support Services handle your IT support needs so you can focus on running your busy schedule.  The Advantage Support service plan is your Virtual Administrator.

Benefits of the Advantage Support Plan:

With the Advantage Support plan we are an unlimited IT resource to you.

RTA is committed to:

Advantage Support plan will provide proactive, ongoing monitoring, management, support and planning of your IT systems.  Advantage Support plan will provide comprehensive, secure, reliable and full IT Systems Management solution that will meet your needs today and provide the scalability you need for the future. These services are priced on a flat monthly fee for unlimited service - providing budget predictability and ease of access to our services.

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