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Rudolph Technology & Associates provides product and services that take the advantages of technology to delivery proven solutions to help your business succeed.  Each product and service provides an opportunity to improve your business productivity and provide a solution that will provide an advantage in the industry.

  • Mobility-as-a-Service

    Mobility-as-a-Service gives you the best devices, flexible plans, and 24/7 support—all for a predictable, per user, per month cost. It's the ideal way to take the hassle out of mobilizing your business. Unlimited talk, text, and data on a fast, reliable network – for the best price Get the latest devices without paying anything upfront Enjoy the right service with…

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  • Telephony Services
    Telephony Services

    RTA VOIP services are Here. Are You? The communications industry is undergoing an unprecedented phase of technological innovations. Cloud communications products and services continue to flip the industry on its head, putting you in control. These solutions enable your company to leverage the latest features and capabilities, which are extremely easy to use and very cost effective. Experience explosive growth…

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  • Conferencing Solutions
    Conferencing Solutions

    Everyone says they’re easy, yet meetings always start late. The first 15 minutes of every meeting is wasted fumbling with the conference pin code, trying to figure out which dongle you need to screen share, or downloading the right app. With Highfive, meetings get started on time because we make everything easier from start to finish. Look your best with…

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  • IT Network Managed Services
    IT Network Managed Services

    RTA gives you the knowledge and comfort to know that we engage the industry leaders in supporting and install network devices and services. Either single site company office or multi site offices we design networks that provides companies with communication between offices regardless of distance. RTA takes technology and removes the boundaries to make sure in today’s business world your…

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  • Business Consultant
    Business Consultant

    Rudolph Technology & Associates (RTA) is a company that specializes in business consulting. RTA offers corporate leadership training, managed IT solutions and services, small business security and business continuity. RTA goal is to provide your company the insight that will assist in providing solutions that are best for your company success. RTA Provides Consulting and Training Services Training on Business…

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  • Vendor Relationship Management
    Vendor Relationship Management

    RTA knows the importance to communicate with your suppliers/vendors as it is to communicate with your customers. Establishing proper communication channels and information flows between you, can lead to efficiencies, reduced costs and better customer service. With Project Planning and management RTA will assist in handle vendor relationship management for your company and allow you to focus on the core…

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  • Advantage Support Service Plan
    Advantage Support Service Plan

    Rudolph Technology & Associates (RTA) Advantage Support – Your Virtual Administrator. What is Advantage Support and Why would you pick this plan? Answer: Do you have enough time and resources to properly monitor and maintain your systems to prevent downtime, protection against spyware and maintain software updates? Let our Advantage Support Services handle your IT support needs so you can…

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  • Software Support & Services
    Software Support & Services

    RTA understands cloud services and solutions. MS Office 365 is just one of many technology products and services that services the cloud solution. Our goal is to provide the most effective solutions for your needs and a solution that spans across multiple operating systems. RTA will always make sure that your operations will benefit from a Cloud-based solution and is…

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  • Virtual CIO
    Virtual CIO

    Rudolph Technology & Associates (RTA) is a company that becomes your Virtual CIO. In order for a business to be competitive in the market they must embrace technology in order to reach clients and bring product to the market. RTA work as your company Virtual CIO and has knowledge and understanding in the technology industry that will meet your technology…

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  • Nest

    Make your home a Nest home. Nest products help you save energy, keep your family safe, and stay connected to what’s important. And together, they do even more to create a thoughtful home. When you add more Nest products to your home, they can automatically work together. And you can control them all from one place: the Nest app. If…

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  • RTA Cloud Services
    RTA Cloud Services

    RTA gives you the comfort to know that we engage the industry leaders when providing cloud services. Why pick cloud services? Simple answer is that cloud services provides reduction in costs, flexibility, stability, collaboration, mobility, security, competition, and it provides ecological benefits. RTA Cloud Services are as follows: RTA Hosted Exchange Services RTA Office 365 Services RTA VM Backup &…

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  • Revel iPad POS
    Revel iPad POS

    The Revel solution was built for Retail, QSR, Restaurant, Bar, Coffee Shop, Salon, and processing orders 14% faster than Legacy POS Systems. From gift cards, loyalty programs and employee scheduling, Revel supplies everything you need to successfully manage your retail business. Ask about our E-commerce Platform that gives customers more options to view and buy products. Revel has all the…

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  • Credit Card Merchant Services
    Credit Card Merchant Services

    Our Smart Terminal provides your business with many options for accepting payments, including all major credit cards, checks, NFC-ready phones, and even the Apple Watch. This EMV-ready terminal will reduce your liability for fraudulent transactions and keep you up to date with payment-processing requirements. Sign Up Today…

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  • Security Solutions
    Security Solutions

    Rudolph Technology Security Solutions: Your home keeps you safe. Warm. Comfortable. But what if it could do more? What if it knew you? And what you liked? Imagine if it could help you. If it could take care of things for you. Turn down the heat. Tell you if there’s trouble. This is the kind of home we’re creating. Rudolph…

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Rudolph Technology & Associates (RTA) was founded in 1999 with the thought in mind to customize and provide desktop computers to business and consumers customized based on the needs of the users.  

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