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Advanced Provisioning & Support

Same day service provisioning and activation is just the beginning. The nexVortex provisioning and support teams will be with you every step of the way. nexVortex is a US company providing knowledgeable domestic support.

Burstable Trunks / Scalability

Avoid busy signals and lost business with service plans that provide scalability on demand. Often referred to as ‘burstable trunks’, SIP Trunk capacity is free. Celebrate a busy season or business spikes without worrying about having enough trunk capacity for taking extra simultaneous calls.

Disaster Recovery with Auto Detection

In the event of a power outage, internet access failure, or problem at your location, nexVortex will auto-detect the inbound call failure and re-route your inbound call to your preset preferences.

Keep Your Existing Phone Numbers

nexVortex has you covered with a huge footprint for number portability and a highly skilled in house porting team to make the number porting process simple and painless


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