Rudolph Technology & Associates (RTA) has partnered with Leaders in the Mobility Industry.

Rudolph Technology & Associates (RTA) can sell across all business segments (Small/Medium/Enterprise business. Enterprise, public sector and federal) with access to a wide variety of resources, products, and support to provide mobility services which include cell phones, tablets, hotspots, IoT, and push to talk radios.
Rudolph Technology & Associates can offer a full suite of products and services to our customers, the tools they need to improve operations and profitability.

  • Great device selection
  • Flexible value plans
  • Packaged and Custom IoT solutions
  • Temperature/Facility/Humidity and other monitoring solutions
  • Asset tracking
  • Wireless Backup Solutions
  • Push-To-Talk Radios (PTT)
  • And others (Digital Forms, Smart Workforce solutions for First Responders)

Rudolph Technology & Associates (RTA) was founded in 1999 with the thought in mind to customize and provide desktop computers to business and consumers customized based on the needs of the users.

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